English Adult Jokes - Page 3

New Amul Ad:
Amul Butter & Women -
Both utterly butterly delicious...
One on bread & the other in bed...
And even better when both are spread!


Do not die a virgin.
Seriously, there are terrorists waiting for you up there.


Utha Ke Maaro To SIX...
Leta Ke Maaro To SEX...
Bahar Geya To SIX...
Andar Geya To SEX...
Dono Haath Upar To SIX...
Dono Pair Upar To SEX!


Research shows that 80% of men dont know how to use condoms. These men are called


Commander: What do u call your CO?
Lieutenant: Sir we call him "virgin".
Commander: Why do u call him virgin?
Lieutenant: Sir he is purest form of a "cunt".