English Adult Jokes - Page 4

Dear Penis,
Thanks for not bleeding once a month.


I was having sex with my girlfriend the other day and she kept yelling some other guy,s name.
Who the heck is Rape?


In an interview with a MNC, I was asked how I view Lesbian relationships?
Apparently "In HD" was not the right answer!


An old couple is ready to go to sleep. The old man lies on the bed but the old woman lies down on the floor.
The old man asks, "Why are you going to sleep on the floor?"
The old woman says, "Because I want to feel something hard for a change."


An English professor,s wife leaves town for a few days. Having forgotten something, she returns to find him in bed with another woman.
"Oh, my God! She exclaims."
I am surprised.
The professor tells her: "Not quite darling... we are surprised. You are shocked.